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Thomas Bennett Gulf L.L.C. acquired the Abu Dhabi subsidiary of Schmidlin L.L.C. in 2009. The company is an off spring of the renowned Schmidlin AG in Switzerland and is in the business of fabricating and installing customized,
high quality curtain wall and architectural aluminium products. One of the most notable recent success stories has been the completion of ADIA, standing tall on the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The ventilated double skin façade, a first in the Middle East, is designed to enhance the comfort level of the building’s occupants in this extreme environment.


Thomas Bennett and Schmidlin specialists play a vital role in collaborating with Architects to Develop and design a feasible, custom designed Curtain wall that meets the vision of the Architect and expectation of the client. Gaining an early insight into their client’s objectives and technical performance criteria enable the company to develop cost effective and realistic solutions for any building. The modern production facility in Mussafah is equipped to deliver any challenge created by the latest architectural visions, from curved to round to random frame glazing. The company pioneered the development of the unitised curtain wall – thus eliminating much if the complex site work necessary on more traditional stick systems.

The company philosophy is to continue as champions of the prefabricated route to achieving curtain wall solutions as these systems deliver greater reliability, higher quality and best value cost on any project. By training specialists in the use of the most up-to-date technology in computer aided design and manufacturing and by constantly improving the value offered to customers through meticulous process and project management, the company will join the Thomas Bennett Group of Companies in maintaining and growing the market leadership position enjoyed throughout the region and developing markets in Asia and further afield.


Thomas Bennett Schmidlin is committed to continuously improve the value of our products and services to our clients through:

  • Development of new products

  • Improved techniques in installation and fabrication

  • Increased investment in training of our current engineering staff

  • Selective recruitment of the most qualified engineers in our industry

  • Continuing investment in leading technologies for IT, engineering, design and production

  • Increased productivity to lower costs and carbon consumption

  • Implementing within both our designs and fabrication processes environmentally friendly techniques

  • A focus on quality

Thomas Bennett are investing their 32 year history in the U.A.E with the exciting technologies of their Schmidlin acquisition to bring their clients the next decade of inspiration and innovation in unitised facades and architectural aluminium products.


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